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  • 5 year DMV printout (Within 2 Weeks from date on application)

  •  Valid California Driver License

  •  TB (within 1 year)

  •  Hepatitis B (3 sets)

  • Current Ambulance Driver License

  • Current Medical Exam Certificate

  • Current BCLS Card

  • Current ACLS Card

  • Current ITLS or PHTLS Card

  • Current PEPP or PALS Card

  • Current State of California Paramedic License




  • High school graduate or GED

  • Able to read and legibly write English

  • Able to use basic arithmetic skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

  • Able to perform conversion from metric to U.S. weight and volume measurements

  • Must have basic computer skills with at least beginner knowledge of the Windows operating system

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