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It is the mission of Medic Ambulance to professionally and competently provide our customers and patients excellence in emergency service, pre-hospital healthcare, and customer service. We expertly facilitate emergency and non-emergency medical transportation by employing the best strategies, technologies, and most importantly people to get our critical job done and exceed our client’s expectations.

We have a state of the art EMS communication center, with highly trained and EMD certified dispatchers.  We have a young and modern ambulance fleet that can accommodate all of our patients’ needs. We even have specialty ambulances for large scale events and bariatric patients.

We also make it a priority to recruit the most highly skilled caregivers available to provide excellent care to our patients. Our caregivers are well respected and recognized because at Medic it is a core belief that all of our patients should be treated as family.
Medic Ambulance strives for the ideals set forth in our mission statement

“Medic Ambulance Service is a service company whose primary purpose is to provide emergency and non-emergency medical related transportation within our given market.
We perform our services with the highest quality in mind and focus on constantly enhancing our services to better serve our existing markets.

Medic Ambulance Service is constantly maintaining a work environment which allows for quality of life for all our personnel while making the most profitable, efficient, and effective use of our human and financial resources to assure our long future.

Medic Ambulance is built around the belief that ‘give the best people the best tools to do their job, and they will do the best job possible’.

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