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Medic I.C.E

The Medic Ambulance I.C.E. App is offered free of charge as a public service from Medic Ambulance Service. Medic Ambulance I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) App allows you to place a banner on your home or lock screen with your emergency contact information. As many of you may or may not know, First Responders, such as Paramedic, EMTs, Firefighters and Police, look to your cell phone for emergency contact information, in order to obtain important medical information.


While many of you have an I.C.E. contact listed in your phone, it is often inaccessible due to your phone being locked. With the Medic Ambulance I.C.E. App your emergency contact info is listed as soon as your phone is accessed. This contact can provide First Responders your lock code to access your I.C.E. App, which contains other useful information.

Medic Ambulance I.C.E. App takes it one step further than only listing your emergency contact information. Through this application you can provide:


  • Medical History

  • Current Medications

  • Allergies

  • Blood Type

  • Organ donation status


Medic Ambulance I.C.E. App allows for the placement of two emergency contacts in case one is unavailable.  This application also provides you a map and contact information to Medic Ambulances Stations.


The Medic Ambulance I.C.E. App will take minutes to set up, seconds for medical personnel to absorb, and can wind up saving your life.

Medic ICE for Apple Products
Medic ICE for Android Products
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